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Reviews of Liba Shacht

“Miss Shacht plays with Russian intensity, yet her performances are tempered with an abundant humor. She delights in her nimble technique, and virtuosic display pieces [...] present few obstacles. Profokiev’s Sonata in D was played with explosive energy [...] Schumann’s Sonata in A Minor was enriched with a dark, songful melancholy.”

The New York Times


“Luminous [...] Whether it is her instrument, her technique, or—most probably—a combination of both, Shacht has one of the biggest, most “present” sounds I have ever heard from a violin [...] I don’t think I’ve ever heard a finer performance of the Bartok “Romanian Dances.” Shacht’s big tone, combined with an unusually broad and skillfully deployed range of dynamics, gave this lightweight suite a depth and power it usually lacks.”

The Buffalo News


“Miss Shacht is a musician of style as well as sensitivity...”

Chicago Tribune


“A breathtaking performance...”

New York Daily News


“The peak of the evening...”

Chicago Sun-Times


“The violin virtuosity of Liba Shacht in passages of richness and timbre displayed the romanticism of the music.”

Beverly Review


“The excellent performance brought the audience tremendous pleasure. Bach’s Partita, approached with drama [...] The soft, yet emotional style in Brahms’ sonata in D minor [...] The festive virtuosity of the Haydn Sonata, in which the clarity of intonation was beautifully combined with strict style [...] Miss Shacht played with brilliant virtuosity, delicate temperament and a refined style.”

Nasha Strana, Tel Aviv (Translated from Russian)


“A big rich tone and sensitivity.”

The Morning Call, Allentown


“A commanding yet warm tone...”

The Star

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